Fine Arts Events

The English Department requires students to attend Fine Arts events every semester.  Middle school students are required to attend 2 events per semester, and high school students are required to attend 4 events per semester. 

Fine Arts Events  - Students are asked to explore an area of academic study that includes visual and performance art for art's sake.  These arts are not determined by the English department, bur rather they are an actual field of academic enrichment and appreciation.  The purpose is to supplement the curriculum with meaningful experiences that enhance student learning.

Examples of ACCEPTABLE Fine Arts Experiences:

  • Curated art exhibitions (Gibbes, Halsey, Redux)
  • Artistic dance performances (ballet, jazz, modern, etc.)
  • Symphony/Orchestra/Choral performances
  • Classical and jazz concerts   
  • Theater
  • Foreign and artistic films (only when approved and offered by English department)  

Examples of UNACCEPTABLE Fine Arts Experiences:

  • Commercial art galleries
  • Popular music concerts (country, rock, pop, Top hits)
  • Festival events (fairs, picnics, rodeos, Christmas lights, etc.)
  • Historical tours
  • Religious services
  • Sports Events