First Baptist School Alma Mater

Here in old historic Charleston

City by the sea;

Stands our noble Alma Mater

Dear to you and me,

Born of faith, and hope and courage,

Love of God and man;

With one aim to take her place

In God’s eternal plan.


Dear was she to us in childhood,

Dearer still in youth;

Strong she stands to teach and train us

In the ways of truth. 

By God’s Word she ever points us

To the Upward Way;

By His Spirit guards and guides us

When our feet would stray.


Good and bad, high and lowly

Pass within her walls;

Meet the Master, with Him daily

Walk her sacred halls.

Body, mind and spirit blessing;

Thus she cannot fail.

Hail to thee, our Alma Mater!

FB School, Hail!


~ Margaret Kelly Hamrick ~