Testimonials about First Baptist School

Parents, student and graduates all have wonderful things to say about First Baptist School. We are truly a family and are very proud of this fact. Please enjoy reading the testimonials that follow.



What our parents are saying about FBS

When we came to FB last year my oldest, Sam, was going into high school, and Andrew was going into middle school (6th grade).  My boys had been at Blessed Sacrement since kindergarten, and as Sam was heading to high school, we decided to look at options before just forwarding him on to BE (which is where the majority of the Blessed Sacrament students go).  We are not Catholic (or Baptist ---we're Methodist), but my boys were at Blessed Sacrament because it was next door to my work and we liked the school, teachers, etc.

 For high school, we looked at BE, Academic Magnet and First Baptist.  Sam immediately liked FB -- he liked the size, the downtown atmosphere, and when he shadowed he liked the kids and teachers.  Sam is bright and it was important to me for him to be challenged (but not crushed, which was a concern with Magnet).  FB has challenged and supported him.  He was able to take Honors Alg 2 and Honors Geometry in the 9th grade; he is in an AP class this year -- it's been plenty challenging, but I love that it's small enough that they can't get "lost" -- the teachers are in contact -- you can see grades on RenWeb -- and the teachers stay after for an hour on Tuesday and Thursday's for extra help.  He will have the opportunity for several dual credit/AP courses before he goes to college.  It has been a rich learning environment -- lots of teachers with very different styles but quality instruction and a Christian environment -- a well rounded experience.

 I like that he can play sports --- he's a good athlete and he loves to play.  FB has given him (both of mine) the opportunity to play basketball and baseball, and that has been a blessing too.  Sam is also in the Student Government Association and the National Junior Honor Society.  I feel like he's having the whole High School experience but in a microcosm.

 FB has also been great for Andrew in middle school.  I am pleased with his teachers and the level of instruction, with a few exceptions that would be true anywhere.  I like that they have Math Lab and Study Skills.  He has blossomed at FB and exempted all but one exam at the end of the year -- he had a 92 instead of a 93, and this was my kid who was totally happy to have A's and B's only so he can play sports -- he all of a sudden cared and it was amazing for him and me.  He can also stay after on Tuesday and Thursdays for help and chooses to almost every week.

 I have had very few concerns since transferring my boys to FB, and when I have, I  have been heard and the situations have been addressed or a solution was reached.  I feel like our experience at FB (mine and theirs) has been personal, and I like that very much.  I'm convinced that it was the best choice for my boys.

This is likely way more than you wanted (the former English teacher in me is wordy), but I do feel passionately about the school and the teachers and administrators who are shaping my boys' lives.  It was a great choice for us.


Hope Murphy


The reasons we chose First Baptist School over the other private schools in Charleston are many. 

The fact that 100% of the First Baptist School students attend a college as well as the amount of scholarship money received is most impressive.   These students are accepted and attend the same colleges and universities as students from other prominent private schools.

Academics at First Baptist School are challenging and rewarding for each student.  First Baptist School strives to provide a rigorous curriculum while recognizing that children must have age appropriate creative outlets and recreation.  In the lower school, students are paired with older students to work on various projects such as creative writing, etiquette and reading.   Students are taught respect, values, manners and proper etiquette in every grade. 

First Baptist School provides interested students with a variety of extra-curricular activities.   These include, but are not limited to, swim team, brass band, private music lessons, choir, dance, drama, and a full array of sports for both boys and girls.

This is all accomplished in a nurturing and caring environment where the faculty and staff are truly invested in each student. 

We transferred our children two years ago and could not be more pleased and satisfied with the First Baptist experience. 

Dana and Charles Holladay

 Our children have been attending First Baptist School for 7 years; and we feel the school is the perfect fit for our family.  Our children are currently in middle school.   The Christian aspect was highly influential in choosing the school.  After making exhaustive reviews of local schools, private and public, we chose FBS for its high academic requirements, low teacher-student ratio, small school atmosphere and cost to value relationship.  Later we discovered the loving and attentive teachers and administration.  They truly care about your child and their well-being.  For a small school we have made great strides in making every classroom a “smart” classroom and all the teachers are trained to use all the equipment.  It shows in the number of math, spelling, science and art projects we succeed in with other schools.  In addition to our academic strides, we have earned many State Championships in sports such as basketball, baseball, swimming, volleyball.    I am an active volunteer in PTO, my children’s classes and the school auction.  Staying fully involved really helps me know what my children are doing and learning.

We are also members of First Baptist Church.  The members are very knowledgeable of the bible and practice it throughout their lives.  In the short time I have been a member I have made many new friends.  Since we see each other so much through school and church we treat each other like family and that includes the children.  We watch out for everyone and want the best experience for our children in both church and school.

We know if a problem or concern arises we can talk directly with any parent, teacher, principal or the headmaster, at any time.  I also love Pastor Marshall and Emory Hiott, who is head of the children’s ministry.  I guess you can say we just love First Baptist!  Go Canes!

Shelley, Bill, Trae and Sage Glidewell

My Friends: We are at the close of our First Baptist journey and my words cannot express how much I appreciate all the support and kindness extended to us from the very first day Meagan started in the 8th grade. We had given her a choice of 3 schools when we moved to Charleston and I will say there were lots of reasons for choosing First Baptist but her reason was, after walking the halls, ‘it feels right’. From an 8th grader that we uprooted from her comfort zone that was enough for us and so to you we gave her over hoping that you could give her what she needed and make her high school years happy and yet challenging.

Valedictorian was never something we imagined and so you can see she flourished. Each year brought friendships with teachers and challenges met and she grew and surpassed goals you set for her along with those she set for herself. Your school is warm and friendly and just as Meagan said ‘it feels right’.

I can honestly say I have made friends with staff and faculty and I don’t ever remember saying that about one of her schools before. It is charming and as you look forward to the day you have the ‘new’ school the quaintness of this school on Meeting Street will be sorely missed. I love that she had chapel time and that Bible class played a part in her education. I love that the important services, the 8th grade graduation, the  junior Ring ceremony, all the National Honor Society functions, etc. and especially the graduation ceremony were all held in the sanctuary. In this day and time we need to keep our children close to God and I appreciate this school for doing just that hoping they will carry that with them when they leave. In closing I again say thank you. Teachers have a tough job and I wish you got more credit for it but certainly you have my appreciation and prayers to help you carry on.

Angie Miller, Meagan Miller’s Mom

 Romans 12:7 “If your gift is serving others, serve them well. If you are a teacher, teach well.”


I just wanted to drop you an email to express my deepest thanks to you for all you did to help make our kids entrance to First Baptist possible. Zach hit the ground running, and truly loves it, but that is the way he has always been! Jonah loves the school, the environment, the teachers, and the culture, but he is also having to transition / adjust to the differences in course demands, work load, and study habits. With that said, he complains very very little, and for the first time in long time shows a legitimate concern about his performance, and truly demonstrates a desire to do well. I can’t thank you all enough for that!!! We feel truly blessed by this whole experience, and wish we would’ve made the change long ago. At any rate, THANK YOU again!!! Have a great and Blessed day!!! See you soon!

Best Regards and GOD Bless!!

Shawn Sweeney