Grace Arredondo and Kelly Ferguson: Longtime Friends, First Baptist Classmates, Swim Teammates, and now… Rival College Athletes!

Grace and Kelly have been friends since first grade at First Baptist School. The girls became fast friends as they performed in drama productions, cheered on the Tropical Storm team, sang in the Chapel Chorus, and wrote for The Scribe, together! It is clear to see how easily they became friends having the same interests but there was one more, very important, shared passion that bonded Grace and Kelly, competitive swimming!


Shadowmoss Country Club is where it all began! Grace and Kelly began swimming on the Shadowmoss Sharks swim team in first grade. They both went on to swim twelve summers for the Sharks! Grace and Kelly began swimming for the First Baptist High School swim team in 6th grade and continued for six more years. Five of these years were consecutive state championships and one was a First Runner Up Award.


The girls are now in college and continue to pursue their love of swimming. Grace attends Chowan University in Murfreesboro, NC on Trustee, Presidential ($6,800) and Dean ($3,000) along with Athletic scholarship in Swim ($7,000) and is a member of the university’s Honors College. Grace also earned a Faith Grant ($8,230) based on Christian commitment, service, leadership, character and integrity. The Chowan women’s swim team is only two years old but is already a powerful force within the Division II NCAA Conference Carolinas Division.  Grace has already earned a position on the A-relays and has had successful swims at each meet with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishes. Her hard work is paying off with daily workouts beginning at 4:30AM! Grace continues to drop time and be a fierce competitor for the Chowan Hawks.  Kelly can be found at Converse College not too far away in Spartanburg, SC.  While a senior at First Baptist, Kelly was recruited by Converse and awarded a full scholarship based on Arts, Academics and Athletics. Kelly awakes at 4:15am for swim practice and weight training.  Some days she has two practices a day all the while she is in the Nesbet Honors College Program studying English and Art. 


The First Baptist Alumni Department congratulates Grace Arredondo and Kelly Ferguson, two of our First Baptist Shining Stars!  May your health and talents continue in abundance!