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First Baptist School Welcomes Jeremy Blackstock

First Baptist School welcomes our new Headmaster, Jeremy Blackstock. Mr. Blackstock and his wife, Jennifer, come to Charleston from McDonough, Georgia. They have two children, Josh and Janelle, who will attend First Baptist School this Fall. Josh is a rising 11th grader and Janelle is a rising 8th grader.

Mr. Blackstock has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Secondary History Education from Maranatha Baptist University in Watertown, Wisconsin, along with a Masters of Education degree from Liberty University. He has served in Christian private education for over 16 years. During his 8 year tenure at Creekside Christian School, he has implemented the Academic Scholars Program and an Academic Leadership Team to improve vertical planning between the lower and upper schools specifically in the areas of math, language arts, and science. While at Creekside he has worked to promote student achievements in the areas of academics, arts, and athletics, as well as improve the overall student experience. The school is housed on two campuses.  For the last four years, Mr. Blackstock has been the Upper School Principal at Creekside with responsibility for more than 450 students. As First Baptist High School moves into its state of the art $15 million campus over the summer, he is equipped with a wealth of transitional experience and is committed to creating “Two Campuses, One Family.”

Mr. Blackstock is most looking forward to experiencing this new adventure with his family. For Jeremy, a history major, and Jennifer, an art teacher, there is no better place to nurture that passion than Charleston, SC!  First Baptist is so blessed to have a campus right in the heart of such rich traditions and can bountifully offer paths of exploration and growth for our newcomers. Charleston and First Baptist School have certainly lived up to its hospitable reputation by giving the Blackstock Family a warm welcome. Mr. Blackstock remarked on our “family atmosphere” as his biggest impression at the end of his first visit earlier this year.

Mr. Blackstock looks forward to learning more about our Alumni. He wants us all to know that he is now First Baptist School’s biggest fan! He emphasizes that he is not moving his family to Charleston for a job, but for a life together that is passionate about fostering Christian Education. When asked if there was a specific moment when he could remember the Holy Spirit nudging him towards serving in this new role, Mr. Blackstock answered, “Jennifer and I always felt that we would stay at Creekside until God revealed a different path. That has happened and God was showing us our time was coming to a close, finishing. We both just felt a stirring that it is time. First Baptist School fits our family well. We would not come here if it was not a good fit for Josh and Janelle.”  Wherever Mr. Blackstock works, he would definitely want his children to attend. He goes on to share “we are in this together!”

Mr. Blackstock states that he parents Josh and Janelle just like he leads his students, with “a reflection of our Heavenly Father, always constant loving striving for an extension of Christ’s love.” Mr. Blackstock also adds “it does not mean love is not tough. In my role, I have to have tough conversations.” Within his almost two decades of teaching, he has served in many capacities. A gentle understanding has been refined within him because of all these experiences together and this is a gift that he gives his children, and will now apply to our First Baptist Students.

Mr. Blackstock started as our new Head Master Friday, June 1. He looks forward to meeting all of you and making our First Baptist Alumni proud!


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