Construction Update


Construction Update:

All involved at the construction site are busy working on completing the new high school in record time.  Metal siding installation on-going, exterior trim around windows installed at a majority of the building, sewer and water utilities are complete, bathroom tile and some plumbing fixtures installed, ceiling tiles being installed, casework for offices, science, art and media rooms to be shipped May 21, 2018, received permanent power on Friday, May 18, 2018! Elevator was delivered for the new building and expected to begin installation this coming week! 

Renovation at the Athletic Building is continuing with gusto at the Fine Arts Mezzanine.  They have installed insulation around all the walls for soundproofing.  Drywall is being installed in all rooms at the mezzanine.  The locker area at the Athletic Mezzanine is the process of completing the drywall. Coach Waters was able to purchase multiple lockers to be installed in this area. The lobby is going to begin construction soon with the new stair to the second floor. They are still working on the new cellular & IT service. Spray foam has been installed at openings from previous construction.  Additional maintenance/repair work at the roof is planned to be completed in the very near future.  Our media center is coming along nicely and is a large space for students to hang out in to study and have access to computer space.  As always please bear with us as we go through this process to complete the renovation of the Athletic Building. The building will still be open, but you may be directed to different entrances because of construction.  Trident is very good at scheduling and keeping the construction contained. 

Trident has begun work on the addition to the parking lot.  They have completed many sidewalks at the exterior of the new building. 

We are working diligently on a selection of new furniture for the new spaces.  If you are interested in donating towards this cause please let the school know.

Our completion date for the new construction has been moved up to August 5, 2018!  Tell your family, friends and co-workers that we are now accepting applications for the Fall! 

Thank you to the Pedersen and Bishop families for donating ALL the materials, labor and installation of the site utilities. We are also thankful for ALL that are giving on a continuous basis during this campaign!  FBS is grateful for your donations to the school.

And, as always, we really need your donations for the Capital Campaign.  This is an on-going Capital Campaign for 3 years.  We are right in the middle of the campaign.  A small monthly donation given over time is just as important as the large donations.   And, the most important thing we need from all of our parents, students, alumni, teachers, staff and friends is PRAYER.  Pray for wisdom and patience between the construction team members.  Pray for continued monetary support. Pray for a seamless move from our downtown campus to the new campus.  And, most of all, pray for God to bless FBS with students who will flourish at the school in their studies and the knowledge of God himself.  All of us together are making a large contribution to the growth of FBS!

Shelley Clark-Glidewell, Owner's Rep for the FBS Board of Directors


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