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Fine Arts  ::  Offerings


Grades K2 -12th

Our art classes expose students to a variety of mediums, artistic styles, and age-appropriate art projects. As students progress through the program, they are taught the basic principles of drawing with an array of mediums. Art students regularly have the opportunity to enter SCISA and local art competitions.



Grades 4th - 12th

The band program at First Baptist gives students the opportunity to learn a new instrument and participate in concert band. Students meet during the school day and actively work on the National Standards for Music Education, including learning to create, read, perform, and actively listen to music. Band students also have the opportunity to collaborate with the Charleston Symphony and work with guest musicians from across the country. 



Grades 3rd - 12th 

The Choir program at First Baptist School is aligned to the National Standards for Music Education, which focus on students learning to sing, create, read, and listen to music. Choir students also have the opportunity to collaborate with guest musicians, perform for local radio programs, and attend a yearly chorale festival. 



Grades K3 - 12th

The dance program includes improvisation and choreography projects for all ages, as well as technical instruction in ballet, tap, lyrical, and jazz.  Older students have the opportunity to work with guest artists from around the country and are invited to attend “Project Dance” in New York as seniors. 


Grades K2 - 5th

Classroom music is offered to every student in grades K2 to fifth. Students are exposed to a wide variety of instruments and learn basic musical skills like matching tempo, singing, and identifying patterns. The classroom music program is also designed to reinforce academic curriculum for grades K2 to K5 and to provide students with a foundation in music basics in grades first through fifth. Students who enjoy the classroom music program may elect to continue music education through band or choir. 


Grades 9th - 12th 

Beginners in the photography program learn to become visual problem solvers and to create artistic and iconic images by using light, composition, and subject. Students begin shooting in automatic mode and then progress to aperture priority, shutter priority, and manual mode. Students have the opportunity to explore Charleston and James Island as they learn photography basics, and their work is frequently featured and printed in The Post and Courier.


Private Voice/Instrument Lessons

Grades 1st to 8th

First Baptist School students can choose to take private voice or music lessons with our Peabody-trained music instructor. Students can select to develop their skills from a wide variety of instruments, including but not limited to, guitar, violin, and band instruments. Please contact the Lower School Office for more information about private lessons.


Grades 1st to 12th

The Theatre program at First Baptist School is aligned to the National Standards for Theatre Education, with a focus on students learning to create, refine, and present a piece of work for performance. Students are invited to participate in the musical theatre production in the fall semester (1st-6th grade) or the spring semester (7th-12th grade) each year.



Grades 9th - 12th 

Using Josten’s Yearbook Avenue program, students collaborate with one another in this student-led elective. This class

emphasizes creating design spreads, choosing a yearly theme, and formatting photographs for First Baptist School’s yearbook. Students also craft and edit the yearbook’s content.

Fine Arts Faculty


Susan Cram-Smith (Dance, Yearbook, Dept. Head)

Alexandra “Zippy” Hood (Classroom Music, Band)

Jolene Hethcox (Classroom Music, Choir, Band) 


Debbie Bowers (Lower School Art)

Kayla Hatchell(Middle School Art)

Holly Rodelsperger (Photography, High School Art)


Kelsey Nelson (Theatre)

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