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Colleges and universities are not one-size-fits-all. Our College Counseling program aids students in researching their higher education options and helping them choose the place that will help them reach their future goals.

Our dedicated college counselor, Sheree Bridges, provides years of guidance and knowledge on the college admissions process and helping our students plan their futures beyond First Baptist School.

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As a college preparatory school, First Baptist School is strongly committed to helping each student with college planning. Our full-time college counselor works closely with students throughout their high school careers, not only ensuring that students are on track to graduate with college credit but that they are prepared to enter into an appropriate field of study. The college counselor also assists students with the application and financial aid processes and serves as liaison with college admissions offices around the world.

While each student meets with our college counselor every year, our college counseling program offers in-depth college counseling to each senior student. Seniors and their families can expect the college counselor to provide the following services: 


  • Facilitate the application process by serving as an advocate for students

  • Provide colleges with complete, accurate information regarding student qualifications

  • Offer support from the beginning to the end of the college and scholarship search processes

  • Educate students and parents about colleges, college admission standards, procedures, and trends

  • Encourage the most comprehensive approach to college selection

  • Maintain unbiased regard for the broadest spectrum of colleges


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Sheree Bridges
Director of College Counseling

843-410-1606 ext. 1108

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