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Counseling Timeline
  • Return to school with a preliminary application list of 3-5 colleges. The list should include a “sure bet”, a “probably get” and a “hope to get” option.

  • Establish your application timeline.  Be aware of deadlines. College application deadlines vary, so be aware of the specifics of your choice.  Plan your work and work your plan!

  • Meet regularly with the College Counselor to discuss the admissions and financial aid/scholarship processes.

  • Attend local college fairs.  Dates and locations change each year, but traditionally fairs are held in September and October. Families will be notified of scheduled events through the monthly College Counseling Update.

  • Visit college campuses. Take full advantage of all opportunities offered during the visit.

  • Sit for the ACT and/or SAT at least once in the fall. Full details, including test prep and registration, can be found at or  Be sure to provide the FBS school code 410388.  Providing the code enables the school to access your official scores.

  • Meet with admissions representatives when they visit campus.  If you plan to apply to a particular college, you need to make every effort to attend when they send a representative to FBS.  Visits are traditionally scheduled during lunch or immediately after dismissal. 

  • File the FAFSA as soon as possible when the application opens October 1. The website will be announced in the College Counseling Update when it is available for the Class of 2023.

  • Apply to 3-5 colleges prior to November 1. 

  • Notify the College Counselor of all financial aid and scholarship offers.  This information is for statistical purposes only.

  • Compare and contrast all college offers.

  • Make a deposit as soon as a college decision is made.

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