Find helpful information that FBS has released in regards to our 2020-2021 plans in one convenient location. 





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First Baptist School's ultimate goal is to be able to keep our school open and to keep everyone safe while doing so. We are extremely grateful for the open communication you all have had with us, and we will keep working together to make a safe and caring environment for the students, faculty and staff.  First Baptist will always be as transparent as we can in terms of COVID-19 cases. We take HIPPA and FERPA guidelines very seriously. We also follow DHEC and CDC guidelines and have a DHEC liaison assigned to our school that provides extra assistance with the ever changing climate of this pandemic. If we have a positive case on campus, the following will occur:

  1. School admin, school nurse, and DHEC liaison will immediately begin contact tracing for close contacts.

  2. The school will send an email to all close contacts (or cohort if deemed necessary) with quarantine expectations, date of return, and distance learning protocols. Administration and nurse will be available to speak by phone if needed.

  3. DHEC will also call close contacts to follow up and give more guidance.

  4. The school will follow up with the families quarantining to check in for symptoms and to help with any questions or concerns.


*Individuals who did not have close contact will not be reached out to separately but can check the tracker for any updates. Positive student and staff cases will be posted by 5:00 pm each day, except on weekends. If there is nothing to be added, there will be no change to the tracker. If you were not contacted by the school, you did not have close contact with the positive case. However, you should continue to check for symptoms, wear a mask, and practice social distancing on a daily basis.

Active - Refers to cases where we currently have students/staff in isolation

Past -   Refers to cases that have been resolved and students/staff have returned to school

*Distance Learning cases do not impact cohorts or on-campus operations.

COVID-19 Resource Page

Over the last few months, our school administration and our COVID Taskforce made up of faculty, staff, and administration while consulting with local health officials has worked tirelessly to develop a plan that would allow our students and staff to return to campus safely. We believe our plan meets two objectives; adheres to current health & safety guidelines as well as providing a top-quality Christ-centered education for all of our students.


Every school year is unique and faced with challenges, and this year will be no different. First Baptist School is committed to serving your family, and we feel blessed that we are partnering with you in Christian education.

On this COVID Resources page, you'll find helpful information that FBS has released in regards to our 2020-2021 plans in one convenient location. 

As always, if you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach our to your child's teacher or your campus administrator.




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