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High School Academics
College Preparatory, Christian Education in James Island, SC


Located on James Island, the high school at First Baptist School offers students a top-tier private, Christian education. Our college preparatory curriculum fully equips students for academics beyond high school. While at First Baptist School, students will take advanced maths, lab sciences, and a variety of English and history courses. Each course emphasizes essential skills like critical thinking, problem solving, communication, research, writing, and more, so students are fully equipped for success in college. Furthermore, because First Baptist School offers over a dozen Advanced Placement and dual enrollment courses, students can also elect to earn college credit. Our block schedule enables students to take up to eight academic courses a year, giving students the option to take several dual credit or Advanced Placement courses. Our liberal arts education also features a highly-regarded arts program. Students can explore the arts through a variety of classes, including art, dance, photography, and more.


The state-of-the-art facilities at our high school enable our faculty to provide students with the best possible academic experience: our science rooms are fully equipped for the college-level courses we offer. Each classroom is fitted with a smart television, and students have access to ChromeBooks and a media center designed to meet each student’s technological needs. 


Christian worldview also permeates each course, as our faculty integrates the Christian faith into each discipline. While at First Baptist School, students may discuss the fall of man while exploring the timeless themes of literature. Or students may study mathematics, which Galileo dubbed, “the language in which God has written the universe,” thus developing an appreciation for the precision with which God created our world. The Christian Philosophy and Religion Department offers a wide array of classes, instructing students in subjects like Doctrine, Reasons for Faith, Ethics, and more.

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