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Hurricane Association and Spirit Store

You are invited to be a part of the Hurricane Association! 


The Hurricane Association promotes, encourages, and enhances the ideals of sportsmanship and competitive spirit in First Baptist School’s athletic programs. Each member or supporter of the Hurricane Association sustains every athletic program and athletic activity through financial donations and voluntarism, and our major goals are as follows:


  1. To provide items that will benefit multiple athletic programs or a large number of student athletes.​

  2. To assist in facilitating and funding athletic facility improvements for athletes, parents, visitors, and the school community.​

  3. To provide awards and recognition to student athletes.


Every fundraiser and action of the Hurricane Association directly benefits student athletes by enabling them to have superior athletic experiences, top-notch athletic facilities, and athletic equipment and gear. We invite anyone who is interested in joining the Hurricane Association to complete a membership request form and to contact the Hurricane Association at

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