College Counseling Update

P. T. Mitchell reminds us that “In times like this the strength and goodness of the human spirit shines brightest.”

This ideal has been evident in my recent conversations with various Directors of Admission. They understand that the college search and application processes are stressful under normal circumstances, and especially with the current world situation. It’s important to remember that colleges are committed to being fair, open-minded and transparent. Admissions professionals will continue to have interesting and difficult conversations over the next few weeks in regards to policy and admissions expectations for the Class of 2021 and possibly 2022. I will update you by email as new information becomes available. Highlights will also be posted under college counseling at

What we know:

Now is the time to prepare for the SAT/ACT. It is highly recommended that students test multiple times in order to take advantage of super score opportunities. The sooner you register, the better. The FBS school code is 410388.

Traditionally this would be the time to visit colleges, attend college fairs and talk with Admissions representatives, either on their campus or at FBS. While these opportunities are temporarily put on hold, you can take advantage of virtual opportunities. Please see the most recent posting under “Important College Counseling Update for juniors and seniors” at

Context matters when it comes to applications for admission. Colleges realize that COVID 19 has changed life as you know it. This is a spring of limited ACT/AP/SAT testings, few opportunities to gain experience as a student leader and no spring sports participation. It looks like it will be a summer of limited, if any, enrichment opportunities. Your applications will look very different than they would have prior to COVID 19. That’s okay, everyone’s application will look different. Colleges are committed to a holistic and contextual review process. That means they will look at individual circumstances. So do something this summer to set yourself apart. Volunteer, get active in a hobby or cause. Be prepared to answer “what did you do when the world paused?” (Hint: a possible admissions essay prompt)

Next week’s update will include tips for college visits and the applicatio