College Tips for Current FBS Juniors: Senior Forms and College Visits

College Visits:

  1. College Visits are extremely important because each college has a unique personality, just like people. Some you immediately like, some you don’t… and some you find intriguing. When life returns to normal, contact Admissions for a campus tour, sit in on a class, eat in the dining hall, spend the night. It’s important to check out the surrounding area too, because you will be living in the community, not just going to classes. Use this spring and summer to narrow your college search to 5-7 colleges. For years I have encouraged at least one application to a local college. Life happens, situations change. It’s good to have a local option.

  2. Now is a great time to continue the college search through virtual tours and live chats. Request information from Admissions and then open every single email they send. Remember, colleges track these activities to determine your level of interest!

  3. Take notes so that you can truly compare and contrast colleges.

General Tips:

  1. Establish a “professional” email address. Cute and funny is fine for family and friends, but you want colleges to take you seriously.

  2. Set up a college file or notebook. A copy of everything college related goes in it (usernames, passwords, Social Security Number, etc.).

  3. Complete and return the Senior College Form (sent by email) and ask your parents to complete and return the Parent College Form. Forms are attached and can be emailed to

  4. Send me a copy of your resume when it is available. Seniors will be taught how to write a resume at the beginning of the year.

  5. The December ACT/SAT are traditionally the last test dates for admissions purposes. Include the FBS School Code 410388. or

  6. Regarding essays - be brief, intentional, authentic and passionate.

  7. Please do not file applications for admission before August 1. This is a unique year, and colleges will spend the summer determining what they are looking for in candidates for admission.

  8. Let me get to know you so I can effectively advocate for you.

Financial Aid:

  1. Never pay a fee for a Financial Aid/ Scholarship search! Many companies will offer, but it is always a scam.

  2. Every family is encouraged to file FAFSA, even if you know that you don’t qualify for funds. FAFSA is required for lottery (Palmetto Fellows, LIFE and HOPE) and most institutional funds.

  3. FAFSA traditionally goes live on October 1. Website information will be provided in the fall.

Next week’s update will address the application process.