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Scott Hagan '91: Let's Get Fired Up!

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

Featured Alumnus: Scott Hagan

By Alex Betros

Scott Hagan is a Christian, husband, father, business owner and lover of all things football. The Alumni Office would like to recognize Scott as an outstanding graduate who continues to be a part of First Baptist daily. Scott attended First Baptist School 4k through 12th grade, graduating in 1991. Scott and his wife of 23 years, Deana, have three children, Shelby (Class of 2017), Raney (Junior) and Daulton (7th Grade).

You can spot Scott around First Baptist creating a roaring laugh participating in the Christmas Chapel Service, attending one of the many holiday parties for his children and, in the Fall, at the First Baptist football field, now standing on the other side of the fence.  

In 1983, Scott played for the inaugural Varsity Football Team with Bud Walpole as coach. He was in sixth grade at the time. Scott continued to play football through middle school for Coach Walpole and Coach Jackson but it was during his high school years, on the Sea Island Football Field, that Scott found lifelong friendships, a mentor and a discipline he carries with him to this day. Scott went on to play Full Back and Line Backer being recognized for over 21 sports awards. Some of Scott’s awards are:  1983 Charter Member Football Team, 1988 Headhunter Award, 1989 Headhunter Award, 1989 Coaches Award, 1989-1990 SCISA All Conference, 1990 SCISA All State, 1990 Headhunter Award, 1990 Coaches Award, 1990 MVP, 1990 Bench Press Championship 150-174 Pound Weight Class Overall for SCISA, 1990 Channel 2 Player of the Week, 1990-1991 Chris Manos Award, 1991 Bench Press Championship 150-174 Pound Weight Class Overall for SCISA. “Being on time, staying accountable, and being responsible for all your stuff is what I remember most from football and it is what I practice every day,” says Scott.

He was also the first and only First Baptist School athlete who has earned a retired jersey number.  Scott’s #30 has been retired since 1991 and his game jersey will soon be featured in the new First Baptist Athletic Hall of Fame!

High School Football Coach, Shaun Horn, became a mentor and grew into a dear friend. Coach Horn shares “if there was ever a graduate of First Baptist to boast about, Scott Hagan is it. He was a football coach’s dream! Pound for pound, he was the toughest and strongest player.” Coach Horn goes on to say “Scott was a mean kid, like a yellow jacket, when he first started football. It was wonderful to get to watch him grow and be tempered, turning all that around in the right direction. Scott is a true man of integrity.”  

Today, son Daulton plays Cornerback for the Junior Varsity Team, just like his dad did in 1983. Daulton says this about his dad, “He is inspirational because he helps me line up on the football field. I love his stories about him tackling the other players and his coach. He tells me how fun football was for him. My dad is really fun to be around!”

Dear friend, Brad Truluck, Class of ’94, shares this about Scott, “He loves Hurricane Football and for that matter, all sports at First Baptist. You can always hear him on game day saying “Let’s get fired up!””



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