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First Baptist School Announces The Melissa Legare Brown Scholarship

Melissa Legare Brown, Picture from Trident Academy

Former First Baptist teacher, Mrs. Melissa Legare Brown went to be with the Lord on Friday October 23, 2020. A beloved educator at FBS for over 15 years, a financial aid scholarship in her name has been established to help First Baptist high school students who may be in need.

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Legare, Melissa's parents, helped establish the fund with a donation of $30,000. "Gloria and I are thankful for the privilege of starting the Melissa Legare Brown Scholarship. While we desperately miss her, we are so proud of her for her impact in 40, too short, years. Through this scholarship, she will continue to be a light for the students of First Baptist, and a lamp unto her LORD’s feet," said Mr. Legare.

Another donor commented, "I am grateful that, through Melissa’s Scholarship, I can impact young children and touch lives. Thank you Melissa for giving me that gift."

Mrs. Legare Brown loved her students and had a tremendous impact on so many. We are honored that her life and legacy will live on and continue to bless the lives of current and future First Baptist students.

Donations can be made online or also sent by check to the school:

Please make checks payable to First Baptist School Foundation

Addressed to:

First Baptist School

48 Meeting St

attn: The Melissa Legare Brown Scholarship


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