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Academic Programs

First Baptist School of Charleston offers co-educational, college-preparatory programs for grades K2-12 across two beautiful campuses in Charleston, SC. Our Preschool, Lower, Intermediate, and Middle School programs are housed on our Downtown Campus and High School is located on our James Island Campus.


Explore our programs and curriculum below.

Preschool & Kindergarten


Within the classroom, our vertically aligned curriculum ensures that each student receives a top-tier education. As students enter the preschool program, the faculty introduces letters, numbers, and colors to students, as well as the basic principles of art, music, dance, and Spanish. Each year of instruction seamlessly builds upon the previous years, and students master essential fundamentals before new skills and knowledge are introduced.

Lower School


Beyond core subjects, lower school students also take classes in music, Bible, Spanish, physical education, library, and art. Students can choose to participate in choir or band, supplemental art and science classes, drama, and various sports, as well. Each supplemental class is also centered around Christian worldview, providing a framework for spiritual growth through a variety of subjects.

Intermediate School

20230515_134320 (1).jpg

As students move through the intermediate school, they receive instruction in each of the core academic subjects and in special area courses like Bible, library, art, and Spanish. Each subject in the intermediate school integrates the Christian faith and academics: students in English might study parallels between the Gospel and a novel while history students might link events from the beginning of civilization to Biblical events. 

Middle School


Our middle school program offers a rigorous, college preparatory curriculum that emphasizes Christian worldview, digital citizenship and technology, and academic rigor. On any given day in the middle school, our teachers focus on developing cognitive reasoning skills, social skills, and growth mindsets through inquiry, experimentation, and service. The middle school program encourages students to become independent learners, responsible students, and thoughtful members of society.

High School


Our college preparatory curriculum fully equips students for academics beyond high school. While at First Baptist School, students will take advanced mathematics, lab sciences, and a variety of English and history courses. Each course emphasizes essential skills like critical thinking, problem solving, communication, research, writing, and more, so students are fully equipped for success in college and life beyond the classroom.

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