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At First Baptist, we strive for academic excellence, but we also seek to provide a holistic approach to education ensuring that our students are well-rounded through service, the fine arts, athletics, and many other extracurricular activities. We believe the secret to our success is our commitment to small class sizes to ensure that each student receives the time and attention he or she deserves. 


Welcome from Mrs. Susan Brooks

The First Baptist Pre-K, Lower, Intermediate, and Middle school programs, located in downtown Charleston, integrates Christian worldview with academic excellence. The integration of faith and learning enables our faculty to teach a robust, preparatory curriculum that also nurtures each student’s spiritual life. This nutriment is further developed through weekly chapel where students come together to learn, worship, and pray. 


We also boast some of the best teachers in the Lowcountry, and our faculty has created a continuous curriculum that seamlessly transitions from one grade level to the next. By using a variety of teaching strategies, hands-on activities, and age-appropriate technology, our faculty ensures that each student’s academic needs are met.


Our academic curriculum for K2-8th grade is also supplemented with instruction in Spanish, art, music, dance, physical education, and more. Our liberal arts approach to education ensures that our students are exposed to both arts and athletics, which develops fully rounded students.

Our middle school program offers a rigorous, college preparatory curriculum that emphasizes Christian worldview, digital citizenship and technology, and academic rigor. On any given day in the middle school, our teachers focus on developing cognitive reasoning skills, social skills, and growth mindsets through inquiry, experimentation, and service. The middle school program encourages students to become independent learners, responsible students, and thoughtful members of society.


In addition to our well-rounded curriculum, the middle school program continues to develop the whole child through special area classes, extra-curricular activities, athletics, the arts, and weekly chapel. Each of these areas are supported by a nurturing faculty that has decades of cumulative teaching experience.


Thank you for your interest in our school, and I invite you to contact our Director of Admissions to arrange a campus visit.



Susan Brooks

Lower & Middle School Principal


Downtown Campus

Welcome from Dr. Leonard Kupersmith

Welcome to the of website for the High School at First Baptist School of Charleston. The website is a teaser, designed to pique your interest in the school and inspire a visit to our campuses downtown and on James Island. A visit to campus affords you the opportunity to observe the stimulating reality of the claims that we make on this site. A visit allows you to collect and later reflect on useful images of the physical plant, discourse in classrooms, engagement of students, and instructional quality. I expect that you will be refreshed by the enthusiasm, candor, and courtesy of students as well as the passion and dedication of teachers. From both groups, you are likely to deduce that teachers and students have strong relationships, an essential constituent of an education that lasts a lifetime. Size indeed matters. FBS is large enough to expose students to classmates with diverse outlooks and backgrounds but small enough to ensure that all students are known and respected. The culture of the school integrates academic substance, social propriety, and spiritual nourishment. Faith is addressed as an inevitable perspective that naturally emerges from a reasoned approach to knowledge.


First Baptist School is faithful to the vision of its founders, who created the school as a Mission of the church at a price that would be affordable to a broad cross section of Charleston and its environs.


I look forward to meeting you and discussing the multiple opportunities for adolescents to grow into solid thinkers, conscientious citizens, and honorable people, ready for the challenges of higher education.


Yours very truly,


Dr. Leonard Kupersmith

High School Principal


James Island Campus
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