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Lower School

The First Baptist lower school in downtown Charleston provides a strong academic foundation integrated with Christian values. With dedicated teachers and a comprehensive curriculum, students receive a well-rounded education that includes Spanish, art, music, dance, and physical education. The school's emphasis on faith, learning, and character development creates a nurturing environment for students to grow spiritually and academically.


Lower School Academics

Each portion of our Lower School provides a preparatory Christian education with an emphasis on academic rigor.


In order to ensure that each student is performing at or above grade level, the curriculum at First Baptist School is aligned to state standards and is also accelerated, regularly requiring students to perform above grade level. As students advance through the core curriculums in English, math, science, and history, our lower school teachers stress Christian education. On any day in the classroom, students might learn about the seasons and God’s perfect timing or create self portraits while studying Ephesians 2:10. In short, at First Baptist School, we center our curriculum around Biblical truths, incorporating Scripture and Christian worldview into each core subject area. 


Beyond core subjects, lower school students also take classes in music, Bible, Spanish, physical education, library, and art. Students can choose to participate in choir or band, supplemental art and science classes, drama, and various sports, as well. Each supplemental class is also centered around Christian worldview, providing a framework for spiritual growth through a variety of subjects. 


Above all, the lower school faculty strives to provide each student with a firm foundation in core subjects while integrating the Christian faith into every subject area.

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