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Portrait of a First Baptist Graduate

The education and characteristics developed at First Baptist School should extend beyond a student's time on campus. Our end goal is developing life-long learners that hold a special collection of attributes that will help them succeed beyond their time at FBS.


Our aim is to develop graduates who strive to build relationships through listening, respect, trust, creativity, and teamwork.


Our goal is to develop a creative spirit that helps our students solve problems through innovation, flexibility, empathy, and adaptability.


Graduates possess the skills to face adversity while doing what is right in all situations. Peers see them as a guidepost for integrity, trustworthiness, and openness.


Graduates should be able to confidently express themselves through various mediums of communication while also listening and respecting other viewpoints.


First Baptist graduates are able to evaluate and analyze various problems through intellectual curiosity and examining by multiple perspectives.

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