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Intermediate School

The First Baptist Intermediate School in downtown Charleston offers a comprehensive education that combines Christian values with academic excellence. Our dedicated faculty provides a robust curriculum that fosters both intellectual and spiritual growth.


With a focus on seamless transitions between grade levels and a variety of teaching strategies, we ensure that each student's individual needs are met. In addition to core subjects, our students also benefit from instruction in Spanish, art, music, dance, physical education, and more. At our school, we believe in developing well-rounded students through a liberal arts approach that encompasses both arts and athletics.


Intermediate School Academics

The intermediate school at First Baptist consists of grades fifth and sixth and emphasizes student responsibility, academic rigor, and the integration of academics and the Christian faith. 


The faculty of the intermediate school strives to foster independence and growth in their students. Over the course of these formative years, students are encouraged to develop responsibility for self and school work, to hone critical thinking and problem solving skills, and to develop age-appropriate independence.


As students move through the intermediate school, they receive instruction in each of the core academic subjects and in special area courses like Bible, library, art, and Spanish. Each subject in the intermediate school integrates the Christian faith and academics: students in English might study parallels between the Gospel and a novel while history students might link events from the beginning of civilization to Biblical events. Outside of the classroom, our downtown location allows the intermediate school faculty to provide students with unique learning experiences: students will walk to the Dock Street Theater to attend a play, visit downtown historical sites, visit a local restaurant to practice figuring tip and tax, and more.


Thanks to a mixture of technology in the classroom, hands-on projects, and a vertically-aligned curriculum, the intermediate school offers one of the best educational experiences in the Lowcountry!

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