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Spiritual Life

At First Baptist School, we nurture each child’s spiritual life, and one of our main goals is to foster spiritual growth and to support students in their Christian faith. Whether it’s meeting with our on-campus student minister, studying the epistles in Bible class, or engaging in worship during our weekly chapel services, First Baptist provides spiritual nutriment for each student. Here’s a look at the spiritual formation services we offer:


Lower, middle, and high school students attend chapel once a week. During this time, students engage in corporate worship; interact and learn with the speaker; and pray for our school, community, and families. Students also have the opportunity to participate in leading chapel worship or to speak during chapel.


Christian Philosophy & Religion Department

First Baptist School nurtures and develops students’ understanding of Scripture. In the lower and middle schools, students attend Bible class twice a week, and high school students enroll in a Bible course each year. Our Bible curriculum build upon each grade’s previous curriculum, providing a robust framework for Christian education. In the high school, the Christian Philosophy and Religion course offerings include the following: Christian Doctrine, The Life and Works of C.S. Lewis, Comparative Religions, Reasons for Faith, The Life and Philosophy of Christ, and Christian Ethics and Culture.

Christian Worldview Curriculum

We integrate the Christian faith into each core academic class - whether that means examining the fine-tuning of the universe in science class, discussing the glory and fall of man in conjunction with a literary study, or examining the characteristics of a servant leader in history. At First Baptist School, we emphasize the Truth of the Gospel in every class. 


Spiritual Support

It is imperative to provide students with the resources they need to grow spiritually. That’s why we have a student minister and a Christian counselor on staff: the student minister at First Baptist School facilitates chapel and is available to meet with students for spiritual counseling. Our school counselor holds a master's degree in Counseling with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Counseling, as well as in Mental Health and has over a decade of experience as a Christian counselor. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, she provides Christian counseling services to students in need.

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