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Athletic Hall of Fame 
First Baptist School

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The inaugural Athletic Hall of Fame Class was inducted January 2020

Dr. W. Arthur Earp

Karen Hatchell Carlin

Jennifer (Jenny) Burton Gervais Gaffney

Scott Hagan

Gary Hamill

Dr. John A. Hamrick

The First Baptist Athletic Department is proud to announce the establishment of the First Baptist Athletic Hall of Fame.  The inaugural class was enshrined in January 2020.  The First Baptist Athletic Hall of Fame committee has been working on establishing criteria for this prestigious honor and has created qualifications to place the best of First Baptist Athletics in their rightful place.


Nominations began February 1, 2019, and closed September 30, 2019.  All nominees were discussed and voted on by the committee. All inducted members had to receive a unanimous vote by the committee.  The inaugural ceremony inducted a max of 20 members, and will have a max of 10 members for every ceremony thereafter. The First Baptist Athletic Hall of Fame will have a permanent home with plaques located in the lobby of the gymnasium. 

First Baptist Athletic Hall of Fame Committee Members:

Athletic Director: Graham Haley (chair)

Hurricane Association Representative: Walter Hiott

Faculty Representative: Andrew Blalock

Alumni Director: Alex Betros

Coaching Representative: Christi Crawford

Two Alumni Representatives: Sheree Bridges, Billy Walpole

Student & Athlete

  • Graduated from First Baptist prior to five years before the end of the previous school year in which nominations begin

  • Received recognition/awards/honors during playing career

  • Demonstrated high character and exemplary sportsmanship


Nomination Form
Voting will open soon!

Coach, Administrator, & Contributor

  • Worked at First Baptist for at least five years

  • Demonstrated a joy, passion, and love for Hurricane athletics

  • Exhibited high character and exemplary sportsmanship

  • Played a strong roll in the success of First Baptist athletics on and off the field

  • At least five years after employment/service ends

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