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College Dual Credit

The dual credit program is run in conjunction with Trident Technical College (TTC) and Charleston Southern University. Eligible students may take courses in English, history, political science (government), biology, communications, and mathematics. Upon completing and passing each course, students will earn both high school and college credit. At First Baptist School, the average senior graduates with over 18 hours of college credit, which equates to over a semester of college credit. 


The dual-credit classes that FBS has offered in the recent years are:

  • Senior English 

  • First and Second Year Calculus 

  • Biology 

  • Physics 

  • Statistics 

  • U.S. History 

  • U.S. Government 


College credit for these courses is award when students earn the passing score required by the college they choose to attend. 


See below for a snapshot of First Baptist School students’ achievements:



  • 30 seniors earned dual credit

  • 330 total dual credit hours earned

  • The average senior earned 11 semester hours of credit



  • 31 seniors earned dual credit

  • 384 total dual credit hours earned

  • The average senior earned 12 semester hours of credit

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