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Arts Resources to Explore from Home

While students are home during these coming weeks of “Distance-Learning,” I wanted to provide some creative resources for arts exploration, while also giving parents and children the chance to increase their artistic literacy together. Social Distancing might quickly lead to cabin fever, so please take advantage of these (and many other) online opportunities for escape, provided by arts organizations around the world!


One of the many “live” music opportunities that I’ve come across is 30 days of FREE access to the digital concert hall of the Berlin Philharmonic. Visit the link below for an access code and enjoy listening to some of the world’s most talented musicians! As a conversation starter, ask your child, “When you listen to this piece of music, what do you imagine it “looks like?”


Our art faculty will be continuing to lead students in projects through google classroom, but for the student looking for more ways to fill their days at home, please visit the link below for daily tutorials from the Kennedy Center's Education Artist in Residence, Mo Willems.

For students eager to explore examples of visual art, Google Arts and Culture has access to digital collections of art from museums and galleries all over the world! Visit the link below to show your children a wide array of styles and mediums of visual art. A fun activity for your child might be to find a piece of art that “feels” to them like each of the following emotions; joy, peace, anger, sadness, & love. Ask them why they chose each piece.

The Jacob’s Pillow Dance Interactive found at the link below is a collection of archived dance videos filmed at Jacob’s Pillow dating all the way back to the 1930s! Various styles of dance and costuming can be found at this link, and you can even look through collections organized by various common themes such as “diversity,” “world premieres,” or “distinctive costumes,” to name a few. This wide array of dance disciplines and styles is the perfect opportunity to watch a few different videos and discuss what makes each piece unique and why, even within the same “category.”

I hope you will take advantage of these opportunities for further arts exploration with your child. Discussing artistic preferences and observations is a wonderful way to increase artistic literacy while also learning something new about each other.


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