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December College Counseling Update

Dear First Baptist Families,

As we embrace the festive spirit of December, I wanted to provide some essential updates and reminders regarding our seniors' college application journey while also highlighting recent initiatives for our freshmen.

Senior College Applications:

Navigating the college application process can be overwhelming, but rest assured, I’m here to streamline and support your child's journey. Here are some crucial updates:

  • School Records and Deadlines: For colleges listed in the "applied" column on SCOIR, all necessary school records will be sent by the application deadline. I'll ensure these submissions are timely and accurate.

  • Q1 Grades and College Requests: Typically, Q1 grades aren't automatically sent unless requested by the college. If any college asks for these grades, please inform me promptly so I can facilitate the submission.

  • Managing Applications on SCOIR: Once an application is submitted, kindly move the college to the "APPLIED" column on SCOIR. This action triggers an email notification to me, streamlining the follow-up process and sending the appropriate materials.

  • Tracking Document Submission: Monitoring document submissions is crucial. Use the "My Colleges" section on SCOIR to check the status, remember that I may have sent your transcript via Common App. Some colleges require self-reporting via their portals. Keep an eye out in your email.

  • Updates on College Decisions: As colleges respond—acceptances, denials, deferrals, or waitlists—please update these on SCOIR. This helps me track progress and provide necessary support.

  • Financial Aid and Scholarships: Keep an eye on financial aid and scholarship deadlines. I'll personally meet with all seniors this month to ensure they're aware of available scholarships.

Freshmen Academic Support:

Throughout the month of November, I had the pleasure of meeting with all freshmen individually to discuss important aspects:

  • Transcripts and Activities Tracking: We discussed the importance of maintaining a strong transcript and keeping track of extracurricular activities, setting a strong foundation for their academic journey.

  • Academic Support and Course Selection: Ensuring they're equipped with academic support and guidance for selecting courses for the upcoming year. Keep in mind, teachers and administrators also play a huge role in that process with their recommendations.

I recognize that this period can be a blend of excitement and stress for your child and your family. Please remember that our counseling department is dedicated to supporting and guiding you through this journey. Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out.

Wishing you a holiday season filled with warmth, joy, and memorable moments.

Warm regards,

Shannon Roy

College Counseling


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