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2019-2020 National Honor Society Inductees

Congratulations to our 2019-2020 National Honor Society and Junior National Honor Society inductees!








National Honor Society Oath

I pledge myself to uphold

the high purposes of the honor society

to which I have been selected,

striving in every way by word and deed

to make its principles the ideals

of my school and my life.

The Mary Ellen Brodie Chapter of the National Honor Society was established at First Baptist School in 1959. The Society has four broad aims: to stimulate and reward high academic performance, to provide opportunities for the development of constructive leadership qualities, to provide opportunities for community and school service and to stimulate worthy character development. Our school strives to achieve these aims by making available an excellent curriculum under the direction of Christian leaders.

2020 National Honor Society Inductees


Jack Alderman

Marissa Arigo

James Bradley

Cole Cannons

Henry Chafe

Brennen Evans

Alexia Grant

Cathryn Anne Holladay

William Jones

Millie Knowles

Alexandra Lannie

Hannah LaRoche

Sydney Maginnis

Jacob Manzi

Sara Mitchell

Colin McKenzie

Makenzie Norwood

Morgan Oswald

Robert Prause

Coleman Sanders

Robbie Street

Halsey von Kolnitz

Jenna Walling

Rynne Welch

Mia Wysong


Jacob Crawford

Will Daniel

Harrison Livingston

Luke Perucci

Vincent Troyer

Erin Wayman


Bryanna Baxter

Joshua Blackstock

Armand Jenkins

Lucas Snow

Sarah Turbeville

2020 National Junior Honor Society Inductees

Seventh Grade

Alexander Bird

Kayla Belton

Kathleen Brandon

Stephen Cain

Jocelyn Cram-Smith

Cooper Crawford

Garrett Davis

Angelina Dempsey

Hibben DuPre

Lila Wrenn DuPre

Lyla Enter

Margaret Gunst

Laila Halls

Emily Jane LaRoche

Lawson Luther

Maddox Munzel

Madison Oberg

Ava Rose Pastis

Allison Rodelsperger

Katherine Rumph

Thomas Sanders

Sadie Turner

Edings Walpole

Eighth Grade

Luke Lempesis

Ninth Grade

Sylus Enter

Anyla Mikell

Maura Thornley

Li-Li Thornley

Meagan White


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