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Back-to-School Schedule Reminders

This week, we welcomed our Pre-K students back to campus! It is wonderful having students back at school learning and interacting once again. We can't wait to soon have all students back on campus as we roll out our phased reopening. This schedule allows us to make sure everyone is prepared to return as safely as possible.

Here are some schedule reminders of when all students will be returning to campus for in-person instruction (unless you have chosen the Distance Learning option for your student):

August 24

  • Our lower school students (K-5 - 6th grade) will return for in-person instruction.

  • ALL Middle School (7 - 8th grade) and High School (9 - 12th) students will begin Distance Learning this week.

August 31

  • Middle School (7 - 8th grade) will return for in-person instruction.

  • High School (9 - 12th grade) will continue Distance Learning this week.

September 8

  • There is no school on Labor Day, September 7.

  • High School (9 - 12th) will return for in-person instruction on September 8.

If you have any questions regarding this schedule, please be sure to reach out to your campus administrator.

Lower & Middle School, Susan Brooks -

High School, Will McCombs -


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