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FBS Health Update & Schedule Change

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

*This post will be updated as information changes.

For the last several weeks, we have been actively monitoring the ever-changing developments of COVID-19. I am writing to inform you of a significant change in our future school operations and schedule. We are making this change to get ahead of any decisions that may need to be made at a later date. Many of the local independent schools have come to a consensus and will be on the following schedule. Please read below carefully.

  • The school will operate as usual Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week. (3/16-18) These days will be used, in part, to prep students for the e-learning/homebound learning platforms. 

  • Spring Break will officially begin for students after school on Wednesday the 18th. 

  • We are planning a teacher workday for Thursday, 3/19. 

  • After Spring Break, we anticipate a period of e-learning for our students but are unsure of the exact length at this time.

*Please note that a CCSD closure before Wednesday (3/16) may compel us to change the schedule outlined above. We will communicate any changes directly with you.

School Communication

I know we follow CCSD for weather-related closings, but please note that in this situation, you will receive direct communication from the school regarding any changes to the schedule. For instant communication, please follow us on all of our social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. During a school closure, the primary form of communication to and from the school will be via email.

E-Learning Due to Forced Closing

We will be shifting to an e-learning plan for our students in Grades 3-12. Students in K-2 will have a modified learning plan that will be provided by Mrs. Brooks and your child's teachers. Our e-learning plan will be structured in such a way to allow us to deliver educational content to all of our students. Once a decision has been made on school closings, we will communicate with everyone the steps in the e-learning process. More guidelines and instructions on e-learning/homebound learning will be communicated with everyone early next week.

General Health Information We are encouraging students and their families to follow recommendations published by the CDC and the Department of Health.  These recommendations are designed to help break the cycle of infection transmission and include: handwashing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, keep hands away from eyes, mouth, and nose, covering coughs and sneezes with a tissue, and staying home if sick.  These are broad but very effective things that we can do to reduce the likelihood of transmission.  Flu vaccinations are also encouraged. On a community level, families can plan a "stay-cation" and avoid attending public events with large crowds.  If anyone in your home is sick, set aside a room and, if possible, a bathroom where they are away from healthy family members or visitors.  Sanitize commonly touched surfaces - doorknobs, countertops, light switches, etc.  If you suspect you or someone in your family has been exposed or may have contracted the coronavirus, it is vital that you notify your healthcare provider.  Please note: CALL FIRST.  Do not show up without notifying the office.  Physician's offices all over the state have specific protocols for patients that believe they may have been infected.  They will instruct you on what you will need to do to be treated or tested. MUSC is pioneering a drive-through testing location.  This is not open to the general public.  It is open for patients of MUSC's tele-med Health Virtual Care.  It is a virtual health screening with a trained physician from the comfort of your own home.  It is very easy to sign up.  Click on the link above and it will walk you through the process.  Once you have gone through the screening process, if needed, the physician will issue an order for you to be tested.  It is at that point you will be sent to the MUSC Drive-through.  For more information, go here. We greatly covet your prayers and ask for your patience and grace during this time of uncertainty. I am praying for protection and safety for all of our students, parents, grandparents, staff, and our greater community. My prayer is that through even this most challenging situation that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ would be honored and glorified.

We love all of our school families, and we are blessed to have all of you as a part of the First Baptist family. Thank You,

Jeremy Blackstock, Head of School


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